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ArtifactsGuide FAQs - Indian Arrowhead and Artifact Resource Guide FAQs

We offer only genuine prehistoric Indian artifacts and Indian points, relics and arrowheads for sale that were legally obtained . We will never knowingly offer illegally obtained items for sale or display. With four published books specializing in artifacts and relics of the southeastern US, we are dedicated to supporting and promoting the Indian Artifact hobby.

Indian Artifact and Arrowhead FAQs

Flint River Trading Post guarantees all arrowheads, relics and artifacts to be genuine and prehistoric and all arrowheads, relics and artifacts have a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Buyer is encouraged to secure authentication from one of the following persons : John Sowell, Carlos Tatum, or Tom Davis within 60 days of purchase. Returns for any other reason than authenticity must be done within 14 days of purchase and repeat returns could result in a 20% restocking fee. We strive to represent all our inventory with 100% accuracy to insure customer satisfaction and minimize returns. We put our experience to work for you and seek to buy the best arrowheads, relics and artifact at the best price, making your buying decision one you will be happy with. A refund or credit will be issued within 14 days of purchase if buyer is dissatisfied for any reason.

On the subject of authentication, we strongly recommend John Sowell and Carlos Tatum, on anything from Georgia, Alabama, or Florida . John can be reached by phone at (334-618-5427) . John Sowell has 40+ years of experience with Deep South Relics and his credentials are as reliable as ANYONE in the country. John can be reached by email at John's physical address is 326 County Road 127, Shorterville Alabama 36373. John promises quick turn around and his rate is $25 per point, which includes return postage (excluding insurance). Please include payment for insurance if you desire the point to be insured when it is shipped back to you. Normal turn around is to have your artifact on the way back to you within 7 days of receipt, along with a professional Certificate of Authenticity or statement with his comments/concerns.

Based on the information that we have currently, Carlos Tatum is not currently accepting points for authentication but we will advise as soon as we informed that Carlos is accepting items again. Carlos does a fine job and we certainly hope for his quick return to authenticating Deep South artifacts.

While we do respect the efforts and credentials of others in the authentication business, these two gentlemen(Sowell and Tatum) are the BEST offering authentication services on Deep South artifacts, bar none. We do respect the opinion of Tom Davis, Dwain Rogers, and Bill Jackson in their efforts to keep fakery to a minimum on a national scale. The best analogy I can compare this to would be like this - while you might respect the opinions of your internal medicine specialist regarding your spinal cord, in ordinary circumstances, you would enlist the opinion of a neurologist (specialist) to have complete confidence in their diagnosis. I would not recommend Tatum or Sowell if I were buying Texas artifacts -  I would recommend Dwain Rogers. If I were buying Kentucky relics, Tom Davis would be my first choice. In summary, I would want the MOST QUALIFIED and MOST EXPERIENCED "specialist" available to give me their opinion on Deep South relics (Florida, Georgia, and Alabama). Currently, the two best Deep South Specialists are Sowell and Tatum, in my experienced opinion. You can rest assured that Sowell and Tatum have great reputations and you will be getting the benefit of their vast experience to verify antiquity and to properly identify your points correctly, as it relates to point type, material, etc..

I have provided Certificates of Authenticity upon request but I feel it is somewhat of a conflict of interest for me to do so as an artifact "dealer". Buyers would be much better served by enlisting the services of a neutral third party. You can rest assured that very few have handled more genuine Deep South artifacts in the last 20 years than I have. I use my experience to insure all my offerings have been carefully examined prior to listing them, so buy with confidence. only offers genuine prehistoric Indian artifacts and Indian points for sale that were legally obtained . We will never knowingly offer illegally obtained items for sale or display. Fakes and reproductions are not available on this site. We are totally against any activity that encourages looting, desecration, or destruction of known archaeological sites.

Our purpose is to help preserve the precious artifacts found by amateur archaeologists and hobbyists and to promote a clean, family oriented hobby. Millions of arrowheads, relics and artifacts would have, no doubt, already been lost or destroyed if not for the hobbyists and amateur collectors. We only hope to expose more folks to the hobby in a positive light.

About artifact appraisals

The question commonly asked is whether to have an appraisal done of your artifact collection. Appraisals are very helpful for insurance purposes and as documentation of one's collection for posterity and to get an accurate portrait of your collection's value. Generally speaking, most personally found collections are comprised of 90 percent "common" material which has a nominal value. The remaining 10 percent or so usually represents 80 to 90 percent of the entire collection's value. In other words, the top pieces in most collections represent most of the value. Depending on the desires of the client, any level of appraisal can be done of the entire collection but the most cost effective method is to focus on the top 10 to 20 percent from an evaluation aspect. We will put our experience to work for you to provide any level of appraisal, from a casual verbal estimation, to a detailed written and photographic record on individual artifacts, as desired. does not condone illegal and unethical practices. For those peddling such contraband, please take your business elsewhere.